Zer0 Aran: Chapter 9

Written by Brad Roberts
Published on the 19th September, 2008.

"Come on, we are almost there." Samus said as she led the team towards the ship. "Hold it right there!" A voice said as the team turned around they saw a giant army of Space Pirates. "You are all going to die for the trouble you have done to our leaders!" The Commanding Pirate said. "I don't think we can handle all of them alone..." Lily said. "I surrender! Don't kill me!" Mio said as he fell to his knees with his hands up. "FREEZE!" a human voice said that sounded familiar to Samus. "Men, take out all the pirates here! You too Samus, do you understand? Or do you have any objections, Lady?" Then Samus realized the Federation Solider was Adam.

The battle raged on for a good five minutes when Zer0 remembered about the bomb. "Hey! Who is the CO here!" Zer0 yelled. "I am!" Adam said. Zer0 moved to where Adam was alomost getting shot by some of the pirate's lasers. "I set a charge here, we have about four minutes to evacuate before the whole planet explodes." Zer0 said. "Zer0, you set the charges 10 minutes ago..." Lily corrected him. Zer0 was struck in awe. He was wondering what was happening. The charges should have exploded already. "Someone must have... CLAW!" Zer0 yelled. "What? What is wrong?" Adam asked. "The bomb I set... someone deactivated it..." Zer0 said. "Is that bad?" Adam asked. "No... it is ten times worse... That bomb was our only chance of winning this battle." Zer0 said. "Hey if you two are done then I suggest we take some type of plan of action." Samus said interupting the silence. "Right. Alright... Red team and Green team you are with Zer0, your team will find that bomb and set it off again. Yellow team and Blue team you are with Samus, your team will find this Claw person and make sure he is dead, any objections lady?" "No" "Good, now then black team and white team you are with me we are to hold off the pirates here. Is that clear?" Adam said as he finish his command. "Yes sir!" everyone said as they moved out to finish their orders.

"This way." Zer0 said as he led his team. "Instead of making the one we already set to go off, we are going to set another one off this time for 8 minutes, that should be enough time for us to escape the planet." Zer0 said. "Sir! Where are we setting off this bomb?" a soldier said. "We are going to the core of the planet, or at least the thing closest to it." Zer0 said as the team moved toward the Magmoor Caverns. "That is far enough Zer0!" a weak voice said. Zer0 turned around and saw Weavel standing there with an army of Metroids. "This time you will di..." before Weavel could even finish Zer0 shot him in the head. "You are so damn annoying..." Zer0 said as he saw the Metroids there. "Go... take the bomb and go to the Magmoor Caverns... I will handle what is here." Zer0 said as the team moved towards the elevator. "Now then... I want all of you to stop this mindless fighting. We are not enemies. " Zer0 said in the Metroid language. "We must fight for and follow mother's orders. So we must fight each other." One of the Metroids said. "But I do not wish to cause the Metroids any type of harm. In fact, I saved a Metroid from extinction. The one you called mother I was able to save due to the fact that she was the last living metroid of the planet SR388. "Once Zer0 said this the Metroids started leaving the area. Except for one, who continued to follow Zer0 around.

"This way, my sensors tell me that Claw is this way..." Samus said as she led her team with her scanner telling her where Claw is. "So... the famous Samus Aran is looking for me. I knew I should have killed you faster back then." A voice said as Samus opened fire where this voice was coming from. Claw moved out of the line of fire as Samus shot a Metroid behind him. "As you can see you are not the only one with some back up... you really are worthless, I am surprised your brother cared for you so much." Claw said as Samus once again opened fire onto Claw, hitting another Metroid. "So, you probably know why I brought you here, right, Mother..." Claw said as Samus saw The Core Metroid. "So this is the Mother I have been hearing about. Team! OPEN FIRE!" Samus yelled. As the battle raged Zer0 got an unpleasant feeling, and then another vision. "Samus!"

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