Zer0 Aran: Chapter 4

Written by Brad Roberts
Published on the 12th August, 2008.

"Nooo! Lily!" Zer0 yelled. The creature was about to hit Lily and Mio when Mio pushed Lily out of the way and did a back flip. Zer0 then ran to the Parasite Queen cutting its hand off with one swing. The creature was about to slash Zer0 with its claw when a few shots hit the creature.

Zer0 turned around and looked at the second floor and saw the Chozo suit! Zer0 was rejoiced when he saw his sister, Samus. Samus jumped down from the second floor and started to shoot the monster. Zer0 than ran up the creature's back and stabbed his sword in its head. The creature flung Zer0 off its back and into a wall. "No way it's not dead..." Zer0 said. Samus continued to fire shots into the creature. Lily was trying to immobilize the beast. Mio started shooting it with his gun. "Maybe... Mio, Samus... shoot my sword!" Zer0 yelled. "What's that going to do? Lily asked. "Trust me, I got a plan..." Zer0 reassured Lily. Both started shooting at the Chozo sword. The shots were powered 10 times more and channeled through the sword into the creature's head, killing it.

"Hey, Zer0 we really should be leaving." Said Mio. "Why?" asked Lily "Because in... 7 minutes this place is going to blow." Said Mio. "Why the hell didn't you tell us!" Zer0 yelled, "Hey do you have a ship?" Zer0 asked Samus. "Yes, but it's not big enough to hold all of us." Samus replied. "Damn it! ...I'll stay behind..." Zer0 said "No, we can't leave without you..." Yeah well you can't leave with me Lily..." Zer0 said as he interrupted Lily's plea. "I'll find another way out." Zer0 tried to reassure her.

The three then ran off leaving Zer0 to find his own way out of the metal ticking time bomb. "This way." Samus said as she led them out of the station and towards her ship. "Wait... he's here... Ridley!!" Samus said as she aimed her arm cannon at Ridley as he flew out of the station. "Come on we've got to get out of here..." Samus said.

The three started to run through the hall, into an elevator and they eventually made it outside. "There he is!" Samus yelled as she saw Ridley. They ran towards the ship and entered it. They flew after Ridley. Just then the station exploded! "No! Zer0!" Lily screamed. He's fine..."Mio said. "He was just blown the hell up, how do you think he is damn-well fine!" Lily yelled as she started crying as the group flew after Ridley.

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