Zer0 Aran: Chapter 8

Written by Brad Roberts
Published on the 15th September, 2008.

"What do you mean by, "what is coming"?" Zer0 asked. "Simple, dear boy, you have no clue what we can do to you." Claw said as he hit Zer0 with the handle of his sword. Samus was shooting Phazon Beam after Phazon Beam into Ridley. "This is getting annoying!" Ridley screamed as he smashed through the floor getting rid of all the Phazon around him. "That's better." "This isn't that good." Mio said as he noticed Lily was running to where Zer0 was. "Lily! Stop, he will rip you to shreds!" Mio screamed as he chased after Lily. "Come on Claw, you can tell an old friend your's secrets can't you?" Zer0 said as he once again interlocked swords with Claw. "I suppose, you can't stop Mother anyway. She will kill all of you. Mother Brain will destroy you!" Claw said as he started laughing evilly. "I'll be the one who will stop you!" Zer0 screamed as he started attacking Claw even harder then before. "I will not let you hurt my friends and the ones I love!" as Zer0 yelled those white figures returned. "Chozo Spirits, kill him and Ridley!" Zer0 yelled as the Chozo Spirits started heading towards Ridley and Claw! Claw was laughing evilly still as he easily destroyed the Chozo Spirits.

"Get these things off of me!" Ridley screamed as he was attacked with both Samus's beams and Chozo Spirits. "How can you kill them so easily!" Zer0 yelled as he went to attack Claw. "Simple my boy, I am more powerful than Mother Brain!" Claw said as he started laughing. Claw then hit Zer0 with his sword handle knocking Zer0 onto the ground. "Now then, you die my boy." Claw said when a blaster then shot him! "YOU! I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU!" Claw yelled as he headed straight for Lily. "No Lily!" Zer0 yelled as he ran after Claw. Just then, Claw's sword penetrated the body. "MIO!" Lily yelled as Mio jumped in front of the sword before it hit Lily! "CLAW!!!!!! I WILL KILL YOU!" Zer0 yelled! "CHOZO GODS, GIVE ME YOUR POWER!!!!!!!" Zer0 yelled as he started glowing a golden color. "CLAW!" Zer0 yelled as he flew straight at Claw slashing him from every angle with his sword. "What power is this?" Claw weakly said. Zer0 cut one of Claw's arms off as he drops his cane. "Now you die CLAW!" Zer0 yelled as he stabbed Claw right in the chest. I won't die, not yet, I will be back for you Zer0!" Claw yelled as he fell on the ground. "Wow, I never thought that this armor would fail to someone as weak as you... I will still kill you Zer0, Mother Brain, GO!" Claw yelled as he pressed a button opening up a strongly sealed room.

As Zer0 looked into the room, he saw a type of Metriod. "Is that, the core Metriod?" Zer0 said surprised. "Samus, Mio, Lily! You have to leave now!" Zer0 yelled. "Why?" Samus asked as he she finished Ridley off. "Because we have a lot more trouble coming..." Zer0 said. "Leave now! I will be there in a few seconds!" Zer0 said as the team started running out of the base. "Now then, you so-called Mother Brain. Get ready to die." As Zer0 spoke, Mother Brain started approaching and could clearly see it. "Mother Brain? Someone should have called you Mother-" Mother Brain then screeched cutting off Zer0 before he could curse Mother Brain. "Well, lets do this..." Zer0 said as he ran into the room where Mother Brain was pushing it into the back off the room. Once there Zer0 started a countdown on a bomb that was set to explode within ten minutes. "See you in hell Mother Brain." Zer0 said as he started running out of the room and sealing the door shut. Zer0 then ran out of the base meeting up with the group. "We have to leave now this place is going to blow!" Zer0 said as the group started running towards Samus's hunter ship. "I will not let him live... I will kill this so called Chozo Hero..." Claw said as he once again released Mother Brain who started charging towards the group.

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