Zer0 Aran: Chapter 2

Written by Brad Roberts
Published on the 21st July, 2008.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" That was probably the only sound you would hear at the space pirate HQ. The sound of someone screaming. The sound of Zer0 screaming. Zer0 was strapped down onto a wooden table, sent to an angle so that his body was facing diagonally. Space Pirates and prisoners gathered around the area to see a human get tortured. The one doing the torturing was Captain Weavel. "So, enjoying your last visit into space? Weavel asked. "You're garbage!" Zer0 yelled at the pirate. "Yeah, and your remains will be with the garbage." Weavel snorted. "And when I am done with you, I will go after that worthless sister of yours!" Weavel threatened Zer0, and with that threat setting into Zer0's mind, something came over him.

"What the heck is happening to this guy?" A pirate said as the crowd felled from the area. Zer0 was glowing with strange colors as he broke through the straps. Zer0 pulled his sword towards him as he drew "The first one to draw this blade will be given the power of the Chozo." Zer0 recited as he prepared the blade. He then charge at Weavel, Weavel barely had time to draw his laser sword to protect himself, not much good it did because Weavel was sent flying with Zer0 keeping up with him. Zer0 started to unleash combo after combo onto the pirate, his attacks were so devastating that the armor started breaking. Weavel screamed in agony, as Zer0 was about to deal the final blow.

Before the blow was struck Zer0 was suddenly sent immobile as vines wrapped around him. The next instant Zer0 blacked out. "Whoops, I think I overdid it, Snarl." A female voiced said. Zer0 had no vision but was able to hear a conversation going on. "Nonsense, the boy was able to destroy some of Weavel's suit made of our finest technology." A male voiced said. "Wait I think he is waking up." The female said. " What happened?" Zer0 groaned. "That's what we want to know." The male said. "I am Snarl, the leader of the Space Pirates." "You look more like an exile than a warrior old man." Zer0 mocked. "How about you?" Zer0 asked the female. The female looked more like a human than a pirate. She had long brown hair, green eyes and was wearing a green shirt and blue pants. " I am Lily." She said. " Now then Zer0, we need to ask you something." Snarl said. "How do you know my name?" Zer0 questioned. "By now the whole world knows of your family, the Galactic Federation has come in contact with the one called Samus."

Snarl explained. "Now back to the question." Snarl continued. "We, myself and Lily, have put together an alliance. Our mission is to destroy the Space Pirates for good." Snarl said. "That's strange, I thought the leader would show more consideration for the hunt of Chozo artifacts." Zer0 said. "Artifacts? My dear boy, the Pirates are after not only artifacts, but also power. Power that they will extract from creatures. Its been said that a frigate has been placed over the planet Tallon IV. They are hunting the creatures now at this moment. They are also after what is called a Metriod. In fact, I think a symbol is on the back of your shirt. We want to save the creatures, and possibly the entire galaxy. Will you help us?" Snarl asked. Zer0 took a moment to think before replying yes. "Wonderful... sleep up, we are to go to the frigate tomorrow."

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