Zer0 Aran: Chapter 7

Written by Brad Roberts
Published on the 11th September, 2008.

"I think it is this way," Samus said as she led the team through the base. "You sure? The room ahead is pitch black..." Lily said. "Hmm... you are right... wait here as I clear out the room," Samus said as she ventured into the dark room. "Do you really think we can find him?" Mio asked Lily. "Don't be silly of course w.... ahhhhhhhhhh!" Lily screamed as she fell to her knees. "What's wrong, Lily!" Mio said as he knelt down next to her. "I can see it... I see Zer0... he is tied up against a table... Weavel is there..." Lily said as she was wincing in pain. Then she fainted. "Oh no... he is going to kill him!" Mio yelled with fear.


"So... you were able to survive our station crashing, and its explosion..." Weavel said, as Zer0 didn't answer. Weavel slapped Zer0 with his gun. "Lets see you survive Phazon you worthless scum! Then we will handle those other traitors and then I will send someone to go after that sister of yours!" Zer0 then remembered his past when he saved his sister from the pirates. "Don't you touch her! If you do I will destroy you!" Zer0 yelled. "Let's see you try, maybe your sister will do a better job of fighting me!" Weavel said as he started laughing. Then Zer0 got the motivation he needed. He withdraw his sword while still tied down! He broke through the ropes and sent Weavel flying through the Phazon mining site! "Snarl can't stop me this time! This time, you will die!" Zer0 said as he unleashed blow after blow into Weavel as his suit fell into the Phazon! "See you in hell you Weavel!" Zer0 said as he stabbed Weavel straight into the Phazon! "You will also be killed!" Weavel said grunting in pain. "At least you can't hurt my friends..." Zer0 said as he landed into the Phazon! But something incredible happened, a shield formed around Zer0 as he was lifted into the sky and onto one of the ledges! "Now I have to find them, before Mother Brain does." Zer0 said as he moved through the base.

"Zer0!" Lily screamed as she was lying on a bed. "Hey look she's up." Mio said as Samus walked into the room. "Change of plans, we have to get out of here..." Samus said. "No we have to find Zer0!" Lily protested. "I checked all the holding cells he is not there... and I heard a pirate say that they saw a man holding a sword who killed a pirate called Weavel." Samus said as Lily started smiling. "So he..." Lily started as Samus said "Yes, he is alive and is already leaving this place." "Ok." Lily said as the team started running through the base looking for an exit. Just then they heard the alarm blaring and a loudspeaker saying, "All personnel evacuate the area, a bomb has been placed." "Come on we have to hurry!" Samus said, as the team was about to continue an evil voice said "Why in such a hurry, Samus? You wont even say hi to your old friend." "RIDLEY! LET THEM GO!" a voice said as the team and Ridley looked up they saw Zer0 standing there. "You three run, I will handle Ridley!" "No, we will do it together, Zer0" Samus said smiling. "No sis, you have to leave! Now!" Zer0 urged. "No... we can beat him together but alone you will lose..." Samus said. "Ok." Zer0 said after a moment. "Hold it right there my boy" an old voice said. "YOU! I WILL KILL YOU!" Zer0 said charging at him. Samus then started firing at Ridley. "Really, Samus, that worthless power gun will do nothing to me!" Samus then ran into a vat of Phazon! "Why aren't you dying?" Ridley said agitated. "Eat this, Ridley!" Samus said firing the Phazon Beam! Ridley took a lot of damage from it!

"Why... why did you come back Claw?" Zer0 said, as he was ready to strike. "To find and kill the ones who broke my perfect record" Claw said as his cane turned into a sword! The two started slashing at each other! "You are too obsessed with this perfect record of yours!" Zer0 said as the two interlocked swords. "Maybe so... but so are you with that pathetic girl, Lily" Claw snapped. Zer0 then got a slash at Claw's face. "You don't know what is coming do you?" Claw said. That sunk deep into Zer0's mind as he thought what he meant by the real battle hasn't started yet...

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