Zer0 Aran: Chapter 6

Written by Brad Roberts
Published on the 11th September, 2008.

"So, everyone ready?" Sky asked as the team got into their positions. "Sniping point ready." Mio announced. "Infiltration ready." Lily confirmed. "Outside converge ready." Sky said. "Ok team, execute." Sky commanded. Almost immediately after saying that - guards by the ventilation grate started to get shot. "Access point clear." Mio said "Ok, Lily move in. Mio, keep her covered." Sky said "Right," both said as Lily moved towards the ventilation. "Lily, hold up we got a pirate to the right, taking him out. What the heck! I'm under fire, under fire, we have been discovered!" Mio shouted as he started fighting off the group of pirates attacking him. "Lily, get in the building! I've got to help Mio!" Sky said as he moved to where Mio was. Lily went into the ventilation and infiltrated the building. Sky started opening fire on the pirates as Mio started fighting them off. "Lily, our attacks won't effect them, get out, I repeat get out!" Sky ordered. "Hold on I think I know where they are keeping him." Lily said. She was then ambushed by a small group of pirates containing 10 men. Lily opened fire on them but the attacks didn't take effect. A pirate moved in ready to attack them when he was suddenly frozen!

"Take cover!" a voice said. Lily looked and saw Samus shooting at the pirates while changing from weapon to weapon. "Why are you helping me?" Lily asked. "Why are you attacking them?" Samus asked. Lily was silent as Samus kept shooting the pirates. "Here, it's a blaster that has the same effect as my arm cannon." Samus said giving her the gun. The two were opening fire at the pirates as they retreated from the battle. "My team is outside they need-" "I know, I already gave them the same blaster you got." Samus said, interrupting Lily. "Now then, why are you here?" Samus asked as the two moved through the base. "To save Zer0." Lily said. "He is really alive then..." Samus asked. "Yes, he is." Lily said. Samus was smiling as the two kept walking, but suddenly Samus stopped Lily. The two looked out into the room and saw a Metriod research facility. "What are they doing with the Metroids?" asked Lily. "Do you like it?" said a scientist as he walked forward towards them. "This is where we keep all of our Metroids who will soon be infected with Phazon. Along with that no good traitor Zer0." The scientist said as he started laughing. Just then he got shot in the head with a sniper round. Both Lily and Samus looked up at a catwalk and saw Mio and Sky. "This way, this way to where they are holding Zer0." Sky said as the group followed him.

"Ok I think we are close. This is where they do their Elite Pirate testing." Sky said. "Ugly creatures aren't they?" Mio said. "Careful, they can still come out at any time." Sky said. "Really?" Mio asked. "Yeah..." Sky said. The group then heard a large crash. "What the hell was that?" Sky said, sounding alarmed. The team was backing up. Sky ended up backing up into a container. "Oh no..." Sky said as he looked up and saw an Elite Pirate looking at him. The EP then lifted up his fist as he hit Sky through the floor! "Sky!" Mio screamed. The team then started opening fire onto the beast. It was charging straight at Lily when all of a sudden, white figures came out of nowhere! They started firing white blasts at the EP and at the team. Samus started shooting the white figures with her Chozo gun. The battle continued until finally the EP was killed. The white creatures then disappeared. "Seems like they are retreating... keep your guard up." Samus said. "No, Sky..." Lily said as she cried looking down at Sky. Just then, Sky started moving! "Sky! He is alive! We've got to help him!" Lily said with both joy and fear. A pirate then came by and smashed Sky through the floor as he fell into a vat of Phazon! "NOOOO!" Lily screamed as Samus killed the pirate. "Come on... we still have to find your friend..." Samus said as she started walking with Mio following her. "Lily, come on, we have to save Zer0." Mio said. "Right..." Lily said as she got up and followed the team.


"You can't win Weavel," a voice said. "Really, then how did I get you into this situation Zer0!" Weavel said as he started laughing manically at Zer0 as he was tied up to a long diagonal table.

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