Zer0 Aran: Chapter 1

Written by Brad Roberts
Published on the 5th July, 2008.

"This looks like the way." Zer0 said as he went deeper into the shrine. "But it looks like a dead end, so I don't --" Zer0 looked around after hearing a cracking sound. The noise stopped and Zer0 kept walking and then, all too quickly, the floor broke from under him! Zer0 let out a scream as he fell letting go of the map.

"I can't believe it, the lost Chozo Shrine!" Zer0 said with much excitement. Zer0 was amazed at all the artifacts but two came as a surprise. There was a very interesting power suit, with an arm cannon, a type of cable hook, a green visor, and a very strong armor plate. There was also some type of inscription. To Zer0's surprise it was in English. It read "Chozo Power Suit" and beside it was a single blade. Zer0 drew said blade and there was an inscription on this as well, but it was in the language of the Chozo. But still, Zer0 somehow was able to read it. "The first one to draw this blade will be given the power of the Chozo." Zer0 read out loud.

Zer0 started to walk through the shrine and into another room. Once there Zer0 found a ship and hundreds of artifacts laying around. Zer0 set down Samus in a seat buckling her in; Samus was sound asleep. Zer0 gave her a kiss on the head as he went back to the area where he fell. Zer0 picked up the Power Suit and loaded it onto the ship. Zer0 kept hold of the sword as loaded many other artifacts onto the ship.

Back at the Space Pirate group, they put a tracking device on Zer0, and they were watching his movements. "He must have found a ship." A Pirate said. "He must be trying to flee." Said another. "What is our best course of action, Claw." Said one. "Move in on him, kill anything that moves." Claw ordered the pirates.

About 30 minutes have passed and Zer0 realized that he should get out of the area. Zer0 was about to get onto the ship when...

"Hold it right there, boy!" Claw said as the other three pirates moved in on Zer0. Zer0, without thinking drew the Chozo blade, and easily parried one of the laser swords. "That's impossible, a laser sword should cut right through that blade!" a pirate said. Zer0 blocked another attack but this time stabbed the pirate through the chest. Another one came at him; Zer0 blocked the attack making the pirate fall to the ground as Zer0 cut his head off. The last one hit Zer0's sword into the air, he started to move in on Zer0 when suddenly the sword fell back down impaling the pirate in the head.

Zer0 was inputting the coordinates and was about to board the ship when... "Don't move... back away from the ship." Claw said while aiming a gun at Zer0. Zer0 listened, backing up; he then saw the control panel. Zer0 quickly pressed the launch button; Claw fired a shot into Zer0's arm as the ship flew out of the Shrine. Zer0 let out a tremendous scream as he fell to the ground holding his wound. "You fool! Now I have to send someone after that ship!" Claw said as he aimed at Zer0. "Wait please, I’ll make you a deal!" Zer0 pleaded. "Your in a bad position to make deals." Claw said. "Please I'll help you find whatever your after. Please don't kill my sister." Zer0 said. Claw thought for a moment. "Hmm. I suppose I can let my perfect record go this one time. So come with me." Claw replied. "Thank you" Zer0 said as he followed claw out of the shrine and into a Space Pirate vessel.

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