Credits Guide

Credits Guide

When selecting a save file, you'll see an Extras menu option along with Play Game and Options. Within this menu lies a wealth of bonus unlockable items ranging from classic art galleries to soundtrack pieces and quirky effects (like your very own Mii bobblehead in Samus' gunship).

This time you won't simply unlock any of these items by scanning a certain percentage of the Logbook. Instead you'll need to earn special credits by completing certain tasks throughout the game.

Four types of credits exist: red, blue, gold and green. Red credits can be earned by simply scanning a new creature for your Logbook. Blue credits can be earned primarily by scanning lore items for your Logbook. Majority of gold credits are earned by defeating bosses, while green credits can only be obtained by swapping Friend Vouchers with fellow Metroid Prime 3 / Metroid Prime Trilogy players over the Nintendo WFC.

See below for a complete breakdown of where to earn all types of credits and any special details pertaining to each one.

See the secrets and tips page for the list of all unlockable items, how to make them available for purchase and their credit cost.

Red Credits

Red Credit There are a total of 108 red credits in the game for the original NTSC version, and 109 red credits in the original PAL and Metroid Prime Trilogy versions (the Despair-Class Turret doesn't appear in the original NTSC version). Simply scan a creature entry for your Logbook to be granted a single red credit. Scan every creature in the game to score the maximum number of red credits. Note that only the first time you scan a new creature will grant you a credit. See the Logbook Guide for location details for all creatures.

Blue Credits

Blue Credit A total of 51 blue credits exist in the game. Scan each lore entry for your Logbook to score a blue credit, up to a total of 48. The final three blue credits can be found aboard the GFS Olympus at the beginning of the game at the following locations:

GFS Olympus
Port Observation Deck As soon as the Space Pirate boarding craft attaches to the hull and deploys two Pirate Militia, charge forward and draw their fire away from the two GF Marines. Defeat both targets and save both Marines to score a blue credit.
Xenoresearch Lab Right after saving the two Marines above, enter the room beyond and immediately look for two Crawltanks up ahead opening fire on a wounded GF Marine sitting against a wall. Very quickly run ahead and blast both targets before they finish off their prey.
Repair Bay Shaft This final GF Marine to rescue won't be an easy task. As you enter the vast Repair Bay A chamber, you'll see across in the Repair Bay Shaft a GF Marine under fire from a pair of Aeromines right before the bay door seals you in. From here you'll need to scale the Repair Bay to locate the Missile Launcher, then return below and clear away the obstruction blocking the door's access terminal. Climb up to the Missile Launcher as fast as you can, dealing with any foes along the way (but don't let them slow you down). As soon as you've got the Missile Launcher quickly clear away the debris blocking the door's terminal back in the Repair Bay and open up the door. A second sealed door greets you in the Repair Bay Shaft - ignore the Pirate Militia above on the balcony and quickly shoot the four red locks on the door to open it. If you acted fast enough, the door will open and the pair of Aeromines will cease fire on the Marine as they spot you. They'll multiply and move forward to attack you, deal with them all to save the trooper from a nasty end.

Gold Credits

Gold Credit There are 52 gold credits to be found. These are among the trickiest to locate as you'll need to complete a number of specific incidental tasks throughout the game to receive each. Defeating Red Phaazoids will also grant you a gold credit, but they'll only appear after the Leviathan Seed on the current planet is destroyed. See below:

  • Defeat each boss on Normal or Veteran difficulty (17 - including both Berserker Lords, all three Metroid Hatchers, but only one Steamlord).
  • Defeat each boss on Hypermode difficulty (17 - including both Berserker Lords, all three Metroid Hatchers, but only one Steamlord).
GFS Olympus
Docking Bay 5 Juggle one of the training drones 10 times to score a gold credit. If you have trouble, stand well back so that as you send the drone higher you'll be able to look up and keep it in view (you don't need to stand on the glowing panel on the floor as you juggle the drones).
Temple Generator Destroy the first Leviathan shield generator to score this credit.
Jungle Generator Destroy the second Leviathan shield generator to receive this credit.
Jousting Field Destroy the Red Phaazoid found here to receive a gold credit.
Gel Processing Site Destroy the Red Phaazoid located here to score a gold credit.
Grand Court Eliminate the Red Phaazoid found here to receive this gold credit. Reveal the Phaazoids by activating the unit on the downed Mogenar's head (use the X-Ray Visor). Once the Mogenar rises and reveals a Phazon pool, both Phaazoids will emerge.
Spire Successfully deploy the Theronian bomb on the Leviathan's shield and evacuate the Spire aboard the escape pod to receive this credit.
Hoverplat Docking Site Destroy the Red Phaazoid located here to receive a gold credit.
Construction Bay Destroy the Red Phaazoid here (found near the door leading inside the Ballista Storage) to score a gold credit.
Concourse Ventilation Locate and destroy a Red Phaazoid here to receive this credit.
Pirate Homeworld
Command Station Shut down the Pirate's planetary defense shield and allow the GF fleet to attack the planet to earn this credit.
Transit Stations Don't lose any Demolition Troopers during the battle sequence leading to the Leviathan Seed. This will be incredibly difficult to achieve, so ensure that you've saved your game at the Command Center's landing site before starting the sequence. Use Hypermode as much as you can, memorize where all the Pirates attack from and play through on Normal mode to help even up the odds. Also remember to use the X-Ray Visor against Commando Pirates and the Berserker Knight - hit their glowing Phazon cores with the Nova Beam to finish them quickly.
Transit Station Leviathan (Normal or Veteran) Defeat the Commander Pirate and his Commando goons on Normal or Veteran to receive this credit.
Transit Station Leviathan (Hypermode) Defeat the Commander Pirate and his Commando goons on Hypermode to receive this credit.
Transit Station 0204 Destroy the Red Phaazoid located here to receive a gold credit.
Phazon Harvesting Destroy a Red Phaazoid found here to pick up a gold credit.
Proving Grounds Find and destroy a Red Phaazoid found among the cluster of Phaazoids located here to receive this credit.
Metroid Creche Eliminate the Red Phaazoid hiding here to receive this credit.

Friend Vouchers and Green Credits

Green Credit There are up to 26 possible Friend Vouchers to collect during the game, but you will only need to receive a total of 15 from other Metroid Prime 3 players to convert to Green Credits for a single save file. See below to learn where and how to receive each voucher.

Any location
Enemy kills (100-1000) Defeat 100 enemies in the game to score a Friend Voucher. Defeat 200 enemies to score another. Keep the sequence going right up to 1000 to score up to 10 vouchers.
Exterminator Each of the three Leviathan Seed's landing zones are crawling with small critters (Scorchbugs on Bryyo, Phazon Leeches on Elysia and Scritters on the Pirate Homeworld). Clear them all out at any one of the Seeds to receive this voucher (keep in mind this can only be done once, not at all three locations).
Crash Landing After earning the Plasma Beam, rip any Aerotrooper's jetpack off to earn this voucher. Simply hit one with a charged shot to burn away their armour, then as they're glowing red quickly use the Grapple Beam and tear off the jetpack (remember to do this before destroying the Pirate Homeworld's Leviathan Seed).
GFS Olympus
Juggling Bonus 20:
Docking Bay 5
Juggle a training drone 20 times in a row to score this voucher.
GF Trooper Saved:
Lab Access
As you enter this chamber a downed Stiletto fighter will crash into the hull, breaching the wall in the process. One hapless GF Marine will hang on for dear life as the airlock depressurizes - very quickly aim up and shoot the red switch above the blast door to seal the breach and save the Marine to score this voucher.
Flawless Escape:
Cargo Dock C
Make it past Ridley's traps without taking any damage. This will prove tricky as you'll need to survive both encounters without a scratch. Firstly, as you enter the long sections of pipe, ensure that you don't accidentally run into one of his claws. Ridley's beam attacks shouldn't be a problem to avoid, just remain motionless and wait for the guiding laser to appear before rolling clear. Once the beam attacks stop, watch Ridley's head and keep away as he bites at the tunnel. Once his head jams on the tunnel roll close and lay a of bomb - just don't get too close. Also keep your movements slow to avoid accidentally rolling into one of his claws. Survive both encounters without a scratch to receive this voucher.
Short-cut Discovered:
Gel Cavern / Imperial Hall
After defeating Rundas and securing the Ice Missile upgrade, return to the Gel Cavern and look for a Gel Fuel spout constantly pouring liquid forth from the ceiling. Freeze the spout with a missile and travel ahead to find a small Morph Ball tunnel in an alcove. Travel through to discover a shortcut back to the Imperial Hall - you'll receive this voucher as you arrive.
Perfect Execution:
North Jungle Court
This voucher will be tricky to win, as you'll need to unlock the anti-aircraft's fuel clamp while ensuring none of the Aerotroopers lock any of the three levers again. Follow these directions to secure it: Climb up to the first lever and face both Aerotroopers. Fire up Hypermode and blast both, then quickly grapple the lever. Jump down and head for the second lever. As you climb up, spin around and very quickly use Hypermode again to deal with the two fresh Aerotroopers. Pull the second lever and head for the final one. As you climb up, switch on Hypermode again and deal with the final two Aerotroopers appearing. Pull the final lever quickly to unlock the fuel clamp and secure this voucher.
New Area Discovered:
Imperial Crypt / Warp Site Bravo
Later in the game you'll travel through a teleporter in the Imperial Crypt on your way to locating the Screw Attack. As you arrive in the icy region of Bryyo you'll automatically receive this voucher.
Icy Reptilicide:
Any location
Once you've received the Ice Missile upgrade, go hunting for a Reptilicus. Upon finding one, wait for it to deploy its Chakram, then immediately fire a missile at it. Keep this up until you eventually freeze the target - if you manage to freeze it while the projectile remains in the air the Reptilicus won't be too happy as its own weapon returns and shatters its owner - and you'll now have an extra voucher.
Bowling for Bots:
Any location
Once you've picked up the Boost Ball, look for a bunch of Tinbots crowded together (the Junction area has a few). Use the Boost Ball to knock down a group all at once to score this voucher.
Stylish Kill:
Skybridge Hera
As you traverse across the rickety Skybridge Hera, a Steamlord and his Steambot cronies will try to slow you down. Instead of engaging them, quickly cross the bridge and make it to sturdy ground. Watch as the bridge collapses, taking your foes with it while rewarding you with this voucher.
New Area Discovered:
Skytram East
Ride the tram at Skytram West across to SkyTown East to receive this voucher automatically.
Pirate Homeworld
Harvester Destroyed:
Phazon Harvesting
As you proceed through the Phazon Harvesting chamber, a giant Phazon Harvester hovers above firing bolts of energy down at you. At first you won't be able to deal with it thanks to the still-active planetary energy shield. Once the shield is down, return here and command your gunship to perform a missile run on the target. Destroy the Harvester to score this credit (if you leave this till after destroying the Leviathan Seed, clear out the Phaazoids here and return to find the Harvester waiting).
20 Commandos Defeated:
Any location
Simply tally up 20 Commando Pirates defeated to receive this voucher. You shouldn't have any problem scoring this during your travels through the Pirate Homeworld, but if you miss out before destroying the Leviathan Seed, return to the Command Courtyard. One Commando Pirate remains here - use it to reach the target.
Leviathan Humiliated:
Leviathan Ship
Not the most obvious of vouchers, you'll be forgiven if you miss it easily. As you travel up to the orbiting Leviathan you'll see a number of optical organs lining the walls of the chamber. Shoot any of them 60 times to score this voucher.
GFS Valhalla
Secret Message Discovered:
Control Room
Simply access Aurora Unit 313's final message to score this voucher. You'll find the command code to access the terminal displayed on a PDA lying in a corner of the chamber.