Game endings

Upon completing the game you'll see extended ending scenes depending on your final item collection percentage. See below for details.

Don't read on if you want to see the endings yourself.

View the ending Complete the game with less than 75% items collected:

Upon escaping back through the wormhole along with the GF fleet, Samus farewells Admiral Dane before heading for parts unknown.
View the ending Complete the game with between 75% - 99% items collected:

Taking a breather at the Main Docking Bay at SkyTown, Samus relaxes on the deck, removing her helmet while reminiscing about Rundas, Ghor and Gandrayda.
View the ending

View the ending
Complete the game with 100% items collected:

After the credits roll, Samus returns to her ship while removing the Varia Suit, revealing her favourite blue Zero Mission undersuit. As Samus leaves Elysia's orbit and heads for the stars, you'll see something rather interesting...