Game versions

Metroid Prime 3 has so far been released in two formats, both on the Nintendo Wii. The original stand-alone version arrived in 2007, while the Metroid Prime Trilogy compilation arrived in 2009. The changes discussed below are made in relation to the original stand-alone Wii NTSC version.

Version releases (Wii)

NTSC: Japan: PAL:
  • Version 1 (NTSC)
  • Metroid Prime Trilogy
  • Version 1 (JAP)
  • Version 1 (PAL)
  • Metroid Prime Trilogy

Changes made to the original PAL version

  • During the briefing room cutscene, Admiral Dane's line "They're targeting the planetary-defense system" begins with a "No!" (which is not shown in the subtitle).1, 2
  • Leviathan Seeds explode after destroying the Phazon Core.1
  • Bosses have been given their own sub-category in the Creatures section of the Logbook.
  • On the first visit to the Botanica room in SkyTown East, the area is filled with Sky Puffers. Dragoon Battle Drones will appear on a return visit.1
  • The rotating gate obstruction in the Pistol Hall room in SkyTown East has been removed; Sky Puffers now inhabit the area.
  • The green turrets in the Pirate Homeworld have become Despair-Class Turrets and are given their own Logbook entry.

Changes made to the Metroid Prime Trilogy version (for all regions)

Note: All the changes in the original PAL version above were used in the Metroid Prime Trilogy version unless otherwise stated.

  • The Bryyo main theme has been extended.
  • The battle theme played during encounters with Reptilicus Hunters has been modified.
  • The first few seconds of the Space Pirate attack theme played at the Temple of Bryyo region is louder.
  • Music available in the Soundtrack gallery has been changed.
  • The "Armored Pirate" at the Concourse room in SkyTown East no longer has a unique Logbook entry and no longer grants an extraneous red credit.
  • Three of the GF Lore locations were rearranged.
  • A scannable terminal was added to Data Storage B in Norion, providing special codes to listen to the hidden messages in Samus' gunship.
  • The Piston Hall chamber in SkyTown East no longer contains Sky Puffers, and the rotating gate obstruction on the northern side of the region (seen in the original NTSC version) has been replaced with an alternating energy shield.
  • The final scene in the SkyTown migration cutscene has been changed to a lower, wider shot of the facility moving towards the Leviathan Seed (it was originally a distant top-down view).

Special thanks

Many thanks to the following people who submitted information about differences found in various versions of the game.

  1. Shawn Briscoe
  2. Aidan Clarke