Metroid Prime 3's epic journey offers up amazing sights, intriguing encounters, a variety of objectives, and above all a freely explorable world. For the main walkthrough I'll be referring to the Normal and Veteran difficulty settings in general, but will chime in with hints for particularly nasty pieces for the Hypermode setting.

All throughout the chapters I'll also refer back to the bosses guide and item location guides. For the items guides, locations in the game will be represented with shorthand expressions as described below:

  • OL: GFS Olympus
  • NO: Norion
  • BR: Bryyo
  • ST: SkyTown
  • PH: Pirate Homeworld
  • VH: GFS Valhalla

The game retains the special hint system present in the first two Prime titles, so be sure to switch it on and press 2 whenever you need a hint - although veteran players shouldn't need hints for the ultimate experience. You're also given objectives throughout the game (viewable in the Logbook); keep an eye on them to avoid losing your bearings.

The in-game map also bears a new feature - highlight a room and press A to bring up an option to bookmark the room (bookmarked rooms appear highlighted green) - use this feature to mark any rooms you find something interesting in which can't be solved right away.

Finally, with the game's enormous variety of missions and scope, there's plenty of ways to go about your tasks - so the following walkthrough is just one of many ways to make it through the game in one piece. I'm also going into extreme detail within the pages beyond, so you should really play the game without a walkthrough by your side - avoid spoilers and only read on if you absolutely must.

Please be warned - there are spoilers throughout this walkthrough, so only read it as a last resort.