Energy Cell locations

Energy Cells are used by the Federation as portable power sources, capable of delivering enough juice to nearby equipment to run for some time. Upon arriving at the GFS Valhalla, you'll discover a number of damaged systems in need of an Energy Cell to restore power and proper function. You'll need to locate all nine Energy Cells throughout the game to fully access every corner of the Valhalla and retrieve the vital data needed for the success of your final mission. Keep an eye out for small hovering data stations throughout the Valhalla; each one provides clues on where to find the corresponding Energy Cell hidden out in the wild.

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(GFS Valhalla - Docking Bay 5)
Upon landing aboard the GFS Valhalla, wander over to the wrecked Stiletto fighter on the right deck to discover this loose Energy Tank resting in front of the craft's lifeless engines.

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(Bryyo - Hangar Bay)
On your first visit to the Hangar Bay you'll be ambushed by a number of Warp Hounds and Reptilicus Hunters. Clear all hostiles in the area to restore access to the lift in the corner, then ride it up to a damaged platform. Look for two sealed vents on the wall; bomb them open and enter the correct one to find yourself whisked up to a small alcove above where this Energy Cell station awaits.

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(Norion - Generator B)
Once you've picked up the Plasma Beam you'll be clear to locate this Energy Cell, but you should probably wait till after finding the Nova Beam to make your job easier. Head to the Cargo Hub area and repair the damaged circuit panel beside the sealed door. Proceed through and beyond to ultimately find yourself at Generator B - home to a nasty Metroid Hatcher.

If you bring along the X-Ray Visor and Nova Beam it'll be a complete pushover, otherwise you'll be in for a long fight (refer to the bosses guide if you need tips). With the creature gone and all the icky Phazon deposits expelled you'll be clear to enter the tunnel network lining the chamber. Move through the tunnels to eventually find yourself at this Energy Cell's station.

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(Bryyo - Hidden Court)
This Energy Cell requires a hefty trek to uncover. Firstly, you'll need the Ship Grapple to uncover it. Work your way towards picking up Ship Missile BR.03 and Energy Tank BR.04. This will ultimately lead you to the Machineworks Bridge. Upon extending half the bridge connecting the chasm and picking up the Energy Tank, return to your ship and fly to the Thorn Jungle Airdock.

Head for the North Jungle Court and search there for a huge portable generator capable of being lifted. Summon your ship to raise the generator and store it away for safekeeping. Climb up to the generator's alcove and look for a small opening revealed underneath its former resting place. Roll through and proceed ahead to find yourself down the opposite end of the Machineworks Bridge. Use the Spinner device to extend this half of the bridge, finally bridging the gap.

Cross over and head for the Hidden Court from here. Once there, look up at the huge Fuel Gel pump and switch on the Command Visor. Command your ship to set the portable generator down atop the pump system - watch as the generator instantly energizes the system. The small Energy Cell station inside the pump will swivel around, giving you clear access to your prize.

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(SkyTown - Xenoresearch B)
Upon receiving the Ship Grapple upgrade head back towards the Chozo Observatory and continue exploring Eastern SkyTown. Eventually you'll discover a pod structure filled with the husks of Space Pirate foes. Explore deeper into the Xenoresearch areas past all the Phazon Metroids contained there to finally locate this Energy Cell station beside a containment pod housing the Seeker Missile upgrade. Tear the cover off the Energy Cell station by way of the Grapple Lasso to gain access.

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(Pirate Homeworld - Command Courtyard)
On your first trip through the Command Courtyard you'll need to avoid contact with the acid rain. Make your way to the far corner where the ventilation fans reside and climb up the Grab Ledge there. Roll through the tunnel network; eventually you'll emerge directly above the ventilation fans to where this Energy Cell station awaits.

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(Pirate Homeworld - Metroid Processing)
During your travels through the Pirate Research region you'll discover a chamber inhabited by a number of docile Phazon Metroids in containment chambers. Look for a control terminal beside a sealed wall - use the X-Ray Visor to unlock the door successfully and reveal a lift. Ride the lift down below where you'll discover this Energy Cell station along with a damaged circuit panel.

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(SkyTown - Ballista Storage)
Return to the Ballista Storage (where you picked up the Boost Ball) with the Grapple Voltage in your inventory. See the pair of ventilation fans flanking a central object on one side of the chamber? Overload both fans with energy via the Grapple Voltage to reveal this Energy Cell station between them.

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(Pirate Homeworld - Phazon Quarry)
Right after securing the Nova Beam upgrade, head back to the Phazon Quarry region via the Drill Shaft 2 area. Once there you'll find this Energy Cell station down the other end of the balcony overlooking the quarry.