Chapter 30: Ending the War

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Unlock the Sky Temple and greet the ruler of the Ing.

Back on the surface, it's time to bring this adventure to an explosive end. If you've missed an item along the way and are gunning for 100%, check back over the items pages to find what you've missed. If you're also going for a maxed-out Logbook, remember that right now the best rate you can score is 96% before entering the Sky Temple. So let's do it. Firstly, return to Samus' gunship at the Landing Site to reload your incredibly heavy payload.

With your stock completely full, it's time to settle the score with the Ing's leader. Travel to the Hall of Eyes beyond the Meeting Grounds and use the Dark Portal there to transit to Dark Aether. Once there, return to the Sky Temple Gateway with all nine keys in hand via the War Ritual Grounds and Shrine Access.

Step into the visible energy aura at the center of the chamber and watch as all nine keys float to their respective pillars. As the ten pillars recede into the ground, a large beam of light will penetrate the massive Sky Temple above, granting you access to the once-impenetrable fortress. Take one last look at A-Kul's body before going to fulfill the wishes of a desperate race.

Upon travelling along the transport beam and entering the Sky Temple Energy Controller, you'll see the final planetary energy keeping Dark Aether in existence right above you. But before long, a giant Ing puddle will ruin your day by appearing on the ceiling above the energy sphere. A number of large twisted tentacles swiftly pull the sphere up through the ceiling and out of your grasp. For now. Only one door lies ahead at the southern end of the chamber, so only one way to go (feel free to save your game first at the Save Station nearby).

Climb through what looks like an upside-down door at the south end of the chamber and ascend the following shaft by way of using the Screw Attack on the Wall Jump Surfaces. At the apex of the shaft is another apparent upside-down door, shoot it open and step inside to locate the Sanctum - the sight of your final battle against the Ing.

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The massive Emperor Ing has a few surprises.

Step forwards slowly and scan the visible Dark Energy Collector in the chamber before you. Your visor will inform you that upon retrieving this final planetary energy unit, the entire dimension of Dark Aether will become extremely unstable. So let's go for it. Drop into the chamber and watch as Samus attempts to step towards the energy sphere only to become surrounded by weird tentacles shooting up from the floor.

Watch as a giant spherical beast then emerges from the floor and surrounds the energy sphere, absorbing it into its body. Four huge tentacles will then greet you from the front of the creature before you finally regain control. Get moving and quickly scan the beast - say hello to the Emperor Ing - supreme ruler of all the beasts of this twisted dimension (so they're an empire now, eh?).

You're in for a tough battle, especially on Hard mode. Check back to the bosses guide for handy tips so see this battle through to ultimately destroy the Ing and seal the fate of Dark Aether.

With the Emperor Ing reduced to nothing more than small purple particles in the air, the final Energy Collector will be yours for the taking. Watch as Samus absorbs the energy into her suit, but it comes at a price. Have you been wondering why this game hasn't had the traditional timer escape sequence most Metroid games have? Well, don't be disappointed now. The chamber around you will literally begin to fall apart as the entire area begins to violently shake. Looks like Dark Aether's fate is finally sealed. A large structure will then rise from the center of the room, so climb on up and make a break for the exit.

You've now got exactly eight minutes to get back to the Base Access Light Portal for your final escape from Dark Aether before it winks out of existence. Screw Attack towards the exit of the Sanctum and quickly descend the shaft beyond. Turn around and enter the Sky Temple Energy Controller, making a break for the teleport icon at the center of the room with haste (don't bother with the Save Station above, it's dead, although the game jokingly suggests you look for another).

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Can Samus defeat her nemesis before Dark Aether implodes?

You might be wondering why you have so much time to make it back to the Base Access room, perhaps a little too much time. Back down at the Sky Temple Gateway, Samus will find her path immediately blocked by a huge strain of Phazon covering the exit. You know there's only one being left with that amount of control over Phazon. Right behind her emerges the final form of Dark Samus - so supercharged with Phazon that its inner body is visible (check out the three eyes). So you're not going anywhere till this battle's done.

Naturally the timer will continue its plummet to zero, so you must settle the score with Dark Samus once and for all before time runs out. Refer to the bosses guide for tips to secure your ultimate victory against the beast... at least for now.

With Dark Samus learning the hard way why Samus can't be beat, enjoy the finale as you watch the beast disintegrate into a million tiny blue particles (again). A number of Warrior Ing will try to stop Samus one last time, but remember that handy portal terminal you saw ages ago in the Hall of Honored Dead back on Aether? The dark world's version here finally reveals itself behind the wall of Phazon, granting Samus salvation from this doomed dimension.


With the Ing empire history and the remaining Luminoth truly victorious, the journey's finally come to an end. Well done! Depending upon your item percentage rate you'll see the classic scenario where Samus reveals the lady under the armour after the Luminoth pay their respect and before she leaves this liberated world.

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The Luminoth bid Samus farewell.

If you scored 75% or more of items you'll see Samus in her Zero Suit outfit (the same one from Zero Mission), otherwise she'll keep the suit on. You'll also witness a special bonus scene after the credits roll if you scored 100% of items, paving the way for the conclusion of this incredible trilogy - Metroid Prime 3.

Hopefully this walkthrough can help you out in all those tricky scenarios, remember to check out the items pages, bosses guide and Logbook guide for any other details you've missed.

Now why don't you go take a peek at the unlocked Image Galleries before taking on the now-available Hard mode? Or spend your well-earned credits to unlock extras in the Metroid Prime Trilogy version of the game before trying the intense Hypermode setting? There's plenty of awesome pieces to see documenting the creation of the title. On that final note...

See you next mission

See you next mission...